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Wild Hearts Game Review: Monster-Hunting Thrills

In this wild hearts game review, we explore the exciting world of monster-hunting. The game is developed by Omega Force and has a beautiful feudal Japanese backdrop. Wild Hearts combines old-fashioned gameplay with new twists. It features the karakuri building system, letting players create walls and other structures on four unique maps.

Players have eight different weapons to choose from. These tools help hunt and fight giant kemono monsters. The game has battles similar to Dark Souls, focusing on strategy and excitement. The karakuri system not only helps in fights but also allows for building support items quickly.

Omega Force is behind Wild Hearts, also known for the Warriors series. This game welcomes both experts and first-timers with its rich unlock system and diverse characters. It offers an electrifying adventure in the town of Minato. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the genre, Wild Hearts is designed to be easy to dive into.

Key Takeaways

  • Eight distinct weapon types for diverse combat strategies.
  • The karakuri building system introduces tactical construction in battles.
  • Four vast hunting maps set in a feudal Japanese-inspired world.
  • Encourages co-op play with downed allies’ resurrection without penalties.
  • Dynamic and exhilarating combat mechanics, perfect for monster-hunting enthusiasts.

Introduction to Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is not your average monster-hunting game. Created by Omega Force and published by Electronic Arts, it puts a new spin on the genre. The game respects its roots but offers something fresh. This makes it a must-try for fans and new players alike.

Overview and Plot

A town faces a big problem: huge monsters called Kemono. You step in to help using tools you make yourself. Wild Hearts is all about finding smart ways to win battles. You’ll use different weapons and karakuri machines to outsmart the beasts.

First Impressions

When you start Wild Hearts, you’re in a beautiful, feudal Japan. The game’s karakuri system is a big part of the fun. It lets you build structures to help in fights. This system adds a whole new level of strategy.

Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC all have the game. You’ll face big challenges with each monster and their stronger versions. The game mixes things up to keep it interesting. Wild Hearts promises a unique and thrilling journey in the world of monster hunting.

Gameplay Experience

wild hearts game review gameplay

Wild Hearts takes players on a profound journey with its unique design and deep mechanics. It has eight weapon types to explore, each with its own strengths. Players must strategize to make the most of the game’s diverse tools and understand their foes to win.

Core Mechanics

The Karakuri system adds a layer of strategy to Wild Hearts. Players use basic pieces to build advanced tools like bombs. It gives them a tactical advantage in battles. The system also offers a wide range of objects to unlock, keeping the gameplay fresh with new upgrades.

Combat Dynamics

Wild Hearts’ combat system is at its core, requiring both strategy and quick timing. The game’s structure evolves battles to always keep players on their toes. It boasts a variety of monsters to fight, ensuring every battle feels different. Players can work together to face these challenges, offering a unique co-op experience.

In this bright world, working together in co-op is crucial. In co-op, reviving a fallen friend doesn’t penalize team members. This not only encourages teamwork but also adds an extra strategy layer to combat.

Karakuri Building System

The karakuri building system in Wild Hearts is really unique. It changes the way you play monster-hunting games, offering endless chances to be creative. You get to build stuff on the fly, making battles more strategic.

Innovative Mechanics

The *innovative karakuri system* lets players make things in the game as they play. You gather resources and build walls, sprintboards, or ziplines. These help with defense, escaping quickly, and moving long distances.

You can combine different types of karakuri for better tactics. This adds more layers to the game, making fights more tactical and fun to try different approaches.

In-Combat Usage

In fights, the *wild hearts in-combat building* mixes strategy with action. You can set up traps or make high spots for better fighting positions. Advanced karakuri lets you make powerful things like harpoons, changing how battles go.

Players love trying out new mixes of karakuri. This means each fight feels different and really your own.

Monster Design and Variety

Wild Hearts has a wide range of unique monsters. Each one has its own look, mixing animal traits with strong elemental powers. As a result, players face new and interesting challenges.

Unique Monsters

Wild Hearts showcases many distinct monsters. You’ll meet creatures like Fumebeak, who is very poisonous, and Deathstalker, a chilling foe. Each of their unique elemental powers make battles exciting and visually impressive.

Elemental Affinities

Battles in Wild Hearts depend a lot on elements. There are about twelve types of base monsters, each with its own elemental power.

To win, players need to use the right strategy against monsters of fire, ice, and more. This increases the game’s depth, challenging you to keep your tactics sharp. It turns fights into something dynamic and ever-changing.

Wild Hearts Game Review

wild hearts game review 2022

The wild hearts game review 2022 dives deep into what makes the game great and where it can improve. Wild Hearts, developed by Koei Tecmo and published by Electronic Arts, stands out in hunting games. It has a cool system that lets you use special objects in fights. Players can build walls and use ziplines, which makes battles more strategic.

Wild Hearts has a wide array of weapons to choose from. There are eight drastically different weapon types. Each choice you make affects how you play and what you can do in the game. Making your weapons better is a big part of the fun too.

Players can use different basic tools in Wild Hearts to invent their own contraptions. Things like bombs and traps can be made by combining tools. This adds a whole new level of strategy. There are also a lot of things you can unlock to make your character look unique.

In the wild hearts game review summary, monster design shines. There are many monsters with different looks and abilities. Each monster is a new challenge. For example, the fire monster Lavaback and the ice monster Deathstalker require different tactics.

One big plus of Wild Hearts is the co-op mode. Players can help their friends come back to life without any penalty. This makes working together more rewarding. The story mode is also engaging. It’s about a town fighting off monsters, getting harder as you play more.

Wild Hearts is for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. But, gaming on some PCs might come with challenges. Some setups have trouble keeping up with smooth graphics. There are issues with sound, talking, and how the game looks. EA, the publisher, is working on fixing these problems.

PlatformPerformanceNotable Issues
Xbox Series X/SStableMinimal
PlayStation 5StableMinimal
PC (Intel Core i5-13600K & RTX 3070)InconsistentFramerate drops, sound delays, UI glitches
PC (RTX 3060 Ti)PoorLow average fps, stuttering

Graphics and Visuals

wild hearts game review graphics

In Wild Hearts, players get to explore a breathtaking world. It features stunning landscapes inspired by feudal Japan, with seasons that change the look. This creates an amazing visual experience.

World Design

Wild Hearts has a vast, detailed world. It draws players into a different time. The game is teeming with lore and cultural nods. Each map is special, making you want to explore and plan.

The karakuri building lets you create and place things. This helps you on your journey and adds to the game’s beauty.

Performance Issues

Yet, Wild Hearts does have some issues.

Players might notice the game slow down at times or see odd graphics. These can break the flow of gameplay. Despite these issues, the game’s visuals are still a big draw. They make the game unique and interesting.

For more insights, you can check IGN’s take on Wild Hearts

Weapon Variety

Wild Hearts offers players a wide range of weapons. You can choose from eight different types. This ensures you can play the way you like, making the game more interesting.

Weapon Types

In the game, you’ll find traditional weapons like katanas and greatswords. But there are also unique items such as bladed umbrellas and guns. Every weapon has its benefits and drawbacks. This means you must try different styles to see what fits you best.

Maybe you like the quick attacks of the katana. Or, you might prefer the power of a greatsword. Choosing the right weapon is key to overcoming the game’s challenges.

Customization Options

In Wild Hearts, you can customize your weapons too. This makes your gear more efficient for your style of play. There’s a lot to unlock, from new weapon skills to upgrades.

This setup makes you think about how you fight. By customizing your gear, you can make yourself truly unique in battle. You can add special moves or even elemental powers to your weapons. Weapon customization truly makes the game’s combat your own.

Multiplayer Features

The wild hearts game multiplayer has features that make it fun to play with others. Players can get together to fight creatures. One cool thing is that if you get knocked out, your friends can help you get back up without any big penalties. This encourages everyone to work together and support each other.

Co-op Gameplay

One great thing about Wild Hearts is how you can play with friends in multiplayer mode. You and up to two others can take on a variety of challenges. Whether it’s quick, little squirrels or huge, scary bosses, teamwork is key. You have to plan and use your different abilities well to succeed, which makes the game both tough and fun.

Online Mechanics

The game’s online system is made for a smooth and exciting experience. You’ll venture through different lands with special spots to come back to life if you fall. Crafting powerful items called Karakuri and unlocking new ones keeps gameplay fresh. On top of that, you can have special creatures by your side, helping out in tough spots.

Co-op Player LimitMaximum of three players
Respawn PointsDragon Pits (Upgradeable)
Support CreaturesTsukumo (AI Companions)
Combat AssistanceRevival without penalties
Weapons VarietyKatana, Nodachi, Bow, Hammer, Bladed Wagasa
Skills and AbilitiesUnlockable via Karakuri tree

The wild hearts game multiplayer adds a lot to the fun. It’s built to promote working together and thoughtful play. Wild Hearts is a great pick for anyone who loves teaming up for monster hunts.

Comparisons with Monster Hunter

The games Wild Hearts and Monster Hunter are often compared. They both focus on hunting monsters, making gear, and learning about monster behavior. But, they each have special things that make them different.


Wild Hearts and games in the Monster Hunter series are alike. They’re about battling big foes and making better gear. In both games, players must be careful, heal, and study how monsters act. This makes fighting more interesting.

Still, Wild Hearts has its own problems. Long hunts might end because of bugs or an angry monster, just like in some Monster Hunter games. These issues show up despite the improvements in the Monster Hunter series over time.

Unique Features

Wild Hearts stands out for its karakuri building system. It lets players create things during battles. This adds a fun puzzle element. In contrast, Monster Hunter puts a lot of focus on precise flying combat. Sometimes, fighting in Wild Hearts can feel a bit off, but it’s still fun.

Another unique thing in Wild Hearts is its online mode. Here, players can team up to fight monsters. This feature aims to build a strong community among players, making the game more enjoyable.

Building a good travel network in Wild Hearts can take some time, up to 20 hours. This can slow the game down a bit. In Monster Hunter, traveling is smoother. But both games let you do things like cooking and crafting between hunts. It’s a nice break that also helps your gameplay.

However, some parts of Wild Hearts could use some work. Certain karakuri items don’t work well and can make the game less fun. Also, the game’s loop isn’t always smooth, and there are camera and weapon problems. Because of this, Wild Hearts isn’t quite as good as Monster Hunter and similar games. It was reviewed on Xbox Series X and will come out on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 17, 2023. This makes it a new but familiar game in the challenging monster-hunting genre.

Overall Rating

Wild Hearts was released on February 17, 2023, with a new take on monster-hunting. It costs $69.99. The game is loved for its exciting battles and the Karakuri building system. Even though there are only about 20 monsters, they provide a variety of challenges.

It offers more than 30 hours of gameplay. Players can choose from eight different weapon types. Each type has its own style and powerful moves, letting players create their unique combat strategies.


The multiplayer aspect makes the game even better. It allows online play and quick matching for hunts. You can play with up to two other friends, having a fun time together and using teamwork.

Still, some might feel the story is not very strong. And the game’s future depends on its community. Yet, because of its high-quality design and the cool combat features like a slide dodge and ziplines, it is worth exploring.

The game earned a rating of 8 (Great). It needs strong computer specs to run smoothly. Wild Hearts is praised for its top-notch production and is a great choice for both those new to monster-hunting and those who already love the genre.

AspectWild HeartsMonster Hunter Rise
Price$69.99$39.99 (Base Game)
Weapon Types814
Release DateFebruary 17, 2023March 26, 2021
System RequirementsHighModerate


Wild Hearts brings a new spark to the monster-hunting scene by mixing amazing Japanese landscapes with fresh gameplay. It’s all about the karakuri building system, offering six magical constructs for battles. This adds strategy and lets players get creative, enhancing the game’s fun.

This game is easy to get into, slowly and smoothly increasing its challenges. You can play alone with a robot helper or join friends online. The “Dragon Karakuri” isn’t just for fighting; it helps with fishing and moving around the map too, making the game richer.

While its main hunts are its strong point, the game can slow down during its story parts. But overall, Wild Hearts promises exciting monster hunts and could become a big series. It’s a great pick for anyone interested in hunting games, whether they’re just starting or have been playing for a while.

The Wild Hearts game review offers more details, showing why it’s a top choice in its category. Wild Hearts excels and could lead the way for future hunting games, making it a must-play for fans of all levels.


What is the overall theme of Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts is located in a beautiful feudal Japanese world. Players hunt monsters to help a town under siege. It focuses on strategic fighting and making better gear.

How does the karakuri building system work in Wild Hearts?

In Wild Hearts, you can build strategic items like walls or ziplines. This system makes combat more about thinking than just fighting. Using resources wisely is key.

What are the unique features of Wild Hearts compared to other hunting games like Monster Hunter?

Wild Hearts stands out with its karakuri building system. It simplifies some hunting game features. This mix gives players a new way to experience the genre.

What types of weapons are available in Wild Hearts?

There are eight weapon types in Wild Hearts, like katanas and claw blades. Each has its own fight style. You can also make them your own through customization, adding depth to the game.

How does the game perform in terms of graphics and visuals?

Wild Hearts is visually stunning with changing seasons. But, some players have seen low-quality graphics and bugs. This makes the experience less smooth.

What kind of multiplayer features does Wild Hearts offer?

It supports cooperative play, with teams able to revive each other easily. Multiplayer is a big part of the game, making it more fun together.

What is the rating and overall assessment of Wild Hearts?

Critics like its smart fighting and new game features. They love the beautiful world. But, they want more variety in enemy designs and better performance.

What makes the monsters in Wild Hearts unique?

These creatures are part animal, part element. For example, there’s the toxic Fumebeak and the freezing Deathstalker. They challenge players in different ways as they progress.

Are there any performance issues in Wild Hearts?

Yes, some players have faced problems like frame rate drops and odd graphics. It shows a gap between the game’s goals and its delivery on various platforms.

Can players customize their weapons in Wild Hearts?

Indeed, Wild Hearts lets you customize weapons a lot. You can adjust their abilities and look to match how you fight.
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