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Best Mobile Games 2024: Must-Play Hits

Consumers really liked mobile apps in 2023. They downloaded about 300 billion of them. A big part of this was mobile games. This shows that playing games on your phone is getting more popular. You can find all kinds of games, from calm ones to action-packed adventures, on your device.

Some hit mobile games in 2024 include Krispee Street and Gubbins. They draw in a lot of players across all sorts of devices, like Android and iOS. Some are even on services you pay for monthly, such as Apple Arcade or Netflix. These games are fun to play and keep getting better because of updates and new features. They are a big deal in gaming and are loved by many for 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile game downloads surged in 2023, demonstrating the growing popularity of smartphone gaming.
  • Top mobile games 2024 New include titles across various genres, offering something for every player’s taste.
  • Subscription services like Apple Arcade and Netflix enhance accessibility and variety in mobile gaming.
  • Games such as Krispee Street, Gubbins, and Honkai: Star Rail are leading the way in terms of innovation and popularity.
  • Continued updates and in-game purchases keep these games relevant and engaging for users.

Krispee Street: A Hidden Object Delight

The Krispee Street game has become a top hidden object mobile game. It stands out in the world of Apple Arcade with its fun, bright art. This style is loved by people who play games a lot and those who don’t.

Krispee Street’s levels are rich in detail. Each has its own hidden stories. These levels are full of life, making them fun to explore. It’s one of the best games in the sea of hidden object games.

The Krispee Street game is found only on iOS, thanks to Apple Arcade. It fits perfectly with the fun and immersive world of Apple Arcade. Both its art and gameplay are well-loved. Krispee Street is a game anyone can enjoy, no matter how much they’ve played before.

Gubbins: The Quirky Word Game

Gubbins unique features

Gubbins is the first game from Studio Folly in Melbourne. This Scrabble-like title has become hugely popular worldwide. It mixes the well-loved word game format with fun challenges and a cool look. This makes it a top choice in the world of word games on mobile.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Gubbins, you create words using given letters, like in Scrabble. But here, adorable mascots called Gubbins shake things up. They may either help you rearrange letters or make your game harder by locking spots.

Players earn the chance to make postcard-like collages as they play. Each one they make celebrates their wins. Gubbins’ hand-drawn animations are lovely, making it stand out. Plus, there are no annoying ads. You can play for free or buy unlimited play, making it a top choice.

Unique Features

The game’s look is from the 60s and has a bit of a strange twist, inspired by the Yellow Submarine movie. It uses a special font called Banana Grotesk, which helps support animal sanctuaries. Like catching Pokémon, you collect different Gubbins throughout the game.

You can show off your scores and creations. This makes the game really social. Soon, fans were sharing their stuff on Discord. It shows how special Gubbins is in the world of mobile gaming.

Why You Should Play

Gubbins is more than just another word game. It’s fun for everyone, from casual to serious gamers. The game’s chill vibe, fun Gubbins, and pretty look all add up. It’s among the best games to play if you love words.

Gubbins stands out because it supports good causes. It’s good for your brain and fun. Available on iOS and Android, it’s definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Global Viral SuccessFirst title from Studio Folly, gaining worldwide acclaim
Gameplay MechanicsScrabble-inspired with playful Gubbins that assist or hinder
Visuals60s-inspired psychedelic design, Banana Grotesk font
CommunityPlayers celebrate achievements with postcards, active Discord channels
MonetizationEthical, no ads, free daily game or one-time payment
PlatformsAvailable on iOS and Android since November 14, 2023

Monopoly Go!: Classic Board Game Fun

The Monopoly Go game brings the classic board game to your phone. It mixes property trading and strategy with a fresh twist. This makes multiplayer mobile gaming more fun. You can build from Houses to Hotels, keeping Monopoly’s heart alive. This sets it apart in the world of classic board mobile games.

Top Features

This game adds new fun to Monopoly. Players enjoy mini-games like Prize Drop and Cash Grab. Daily events and tournaments help you win prizes, free dice, and more. It’s a big hit in mobile gaming.

  • Collect Property Tile Sets to build and upgrade.
  • Familiar elements: Jail, Railroads, Properties, Tokens.
  • Mini-games: Community Chest, Prize Drop, Cash Grab.
  • In-game purchases for real money.

Community and Social Aspects

The Monopoly Go game is all about community and friends. You get free dice when you invite friends. This really adds to the game.

Players can find extra dice by sharing on social media and forums. Websites also list where to find free dice. This all helps to keep players connected. Multiplayer mobile gaming is all about social fun.

Property BuildingUpgrade from Houses to Hotels using Property Tile Sets.
Daily EventsParticipate in daily events and tournaments for rewards.
Mini-GamesEngage in Prize Drop plinko and Cash Grab for extra fun.
Social InteractionInvite friends for free dice rolls; participate in community groups.

In conclusion, Monopoly Go’s social features and fun gameplay make it a top choice. It’s loved by those into classic board mobile games and multiplayer mobile gaming.

Laya’s Horizon: A Soothing Open-World Experience

In the world of relaxing mobile games, Laya’s Horizon game shines. It brings peace and adventure in a special way. This Netflix exclusive game is made by the team that created Alto’s Adventure. It’s known for its calm exploration and fun gameplay.

It’s set on a big, calm island, great for relaxed exploring. Players glide by changing Laya’s cape’s shape with simple controls. This makes the game smooth to play and very enjoyable.

The game has won praise for its look and feel. Engadget calls it “an engaging, cozy, and responsive experience.” Also, TouchArcade says it’s “a truly magical experience.” It’s considered one of the best games to relax with.

It offers many different places, from rivers to big rocks, to see. And there’s a lot to do with over 50 missions and 100 things to collect. Laya’s Horizon game keeps players interested with its variety.

Flying MechanicsControl movement by changing the shape of the cape.
ExplorationHigh-speed races, challenges, and leisurely exploration.
Mission ContentMore than 50 missions, over 40 challenge levels, and over 100 collectibles.
Customization OptionsUnlock different capes and charms.
Diverse EnvironmentsExplore various terrains with unique flying experiences.
Original MusicIncludes music and adaptive audio that matches the flying experience.
Interactive CharactersFeatures diverse characters known as Windfolk.
Gamepad SupportAdded to most menus with future updates planned for full map control.

In summary, Laya’s Horizon game combines open-world freedom with relaxation. It’s loved by Netflix viewers and those looking for a chill gaming experience.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition – Tower Defense Reimagined

Bad North Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition changes tower defense with its mix of roguelike and strategy. It’s easy to play but hard to master. You must protect islands from the Vikings, dealing with different challenges each time. This game is very popular in Azerbaijan, sitting at the 40th spot. It’s priced at AZN 385.00, which shows its high value in the tower defense mobile games market.

Game Overview

In the world of strategic mobile games, Bad North: Jotunn Edition shines with its unique features. It uses randomness and smart tactics, setting it apart from the usual tower defense mobile games. Its beautiful but simple design draws players in, making it a standout choice.

Strategic Elements

The strategy in Bad North: Jotunn Edition is well-crafted. Players must plan their defenses and moves in a constantly changing world. Although it looks simple, the game is full of depth, rewarding careful planning. This makes it a leader in the tower defense genre. Plus, the development team regularly updates the game, keeping its gameplay top-notch in the world of strategic mobile gaming.

Looking at the prices of top strategic games, we see a range. For example, “Northgard” sells for AZN 1,028.00, and “Company of Heroes” for AZN 1,359.00. In comparison, Bad North: Jotunn Edition is priced at AZN 385.00, showing it’s a great deal. When we consider the broader market, we find games from free, like “Total War: MEDIEVAL II,” to “Kingdom Two Crowns” at $9.99. This variety caters to different gamers, making the gaming world more diverse and enjoyable.

  • Bad North: Jotunn Edition – AZN 385.00
  • Northgard – AZN 1,028.00
  • Company of Heroes – AZN 1,359.00
  • Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Free
  • Kingdom Two Crowns – $9.99

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! – A Unique Take on Solitaire

Pocket Card Jockey game

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! offers a unique spin on solitaire. It mixes card games with the excitement of horse racing. First out in 2016, it quickly won over players, scoring 7/10. Then, a new version hit Apple Arcade solitaire in January 2023, earning rave reviews. After a year, it was available on the Nintendo Switch.

This game comes from the makers of Pokémon, Game Freak. It blends solitaire play with vibrant horse racing action. As you clear cards, you build your horse’s speed. Your solitaire skills directly impact how well your horse races. It’s a fresh take on solitaire mobile games. The Switch version adds touch controls and supports multiple controller types, making it more fun than ever.

The game made a big jump from 2D to 3D graphics. This made the horses and jockeys even cuter. Players love the story and the witty dialogues in the game. You can play alone or compete with others online. Racing smartly is key, as it lets you control the difficulty and save energy.

As the game progresses, you raise and train your horses. Eventually, they retire, pushing you to use a breeding system. This adds deep strategy and keeps things interesting. Breeding helps maintain strong qualities in your stables.

The soundtrack is also a big part of the fun. The music boosts the excitement during races. Altogether, it’s a winning combination that outshines its original appeal.

Game Freak successfully mixed solitaire with horse racing in Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! This led to a game loved by fans of both genres.

  • Pocket Card Jockey game initial release: 2016, 7/10 rating.
  • Reimagined version released: January 2024, Apple Arcade exclusive for a year.
  • Game mechanics: Blends solitaire with horse racing.
  • Graphics: Transition from 2D to 3D models, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Control options: Touch controls and Joy-Con/Pro Controller support on Switch.
  • Game modes: Single-player and online multiplayer with global leaderboards.
  • Additional features: Tactical positioning in races, horse leveling, and breeding system.
Feature2016 VersionRide On! (2024)
Platform3DSApple Arcade, Switch
Game ModesSingle-playerSingle-player, Online multiplayer

top mobile games 2024 New

top mobile games 2024 New

The mobile game world is growing fast in 2024. Gamers around the globe are loving games like Monopoly Go! and Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle. These favorites, both old and new, are drawing big numbers of players. This shows that mobile gaming is a huge deal for fun and entertainment everywhere.

Most Downloaded Mobile Games’s latest info tells us what games people are playing most this year. We see a wide variety of interests from players. Games like Genshin Impact and Among Us are big hits, being downloaded millions of times. Their success comes partly from smart business moves and how fun they are to play, showing the power of good strategy in game design.

Trending Mobile Games

The top games of 2024 have some familiar and some new features. Fortnite stands out, even without Google Play support. Whereas, World of Tanks Blitz is popular for its accurate tanks in battles. This mix of games shows how a variety of games can stay on top. They draw players in with different yet engaging content, keeping them hooked.

2024 is bringing both beloved classics and fresh favorites to the screen. Game developers are pushing the limits with new ideas. This makes the game world dynamic, matching player trends. It’s clear the game industry is ready to keep everyone, old and new players, entertained.

Two Dots: Puzzle Perfected

The Two Dots game stands out in puzzle mobile games with its fun dots-connecting play and smart puzzles. It’s not just a game; it’s a visual and auditory delight. You’ll find simple yet beautiful art and music that’s perfect for unwinding. And with over 5000 levels to solve, you’ll always have something new to play.

Gameplay Highlights

This game offers various modes like Scavenger Hunt and Arcade play. It’s fun and suitable for everyone. Plus, you can challenge friends on Facebook. It adds a neat social twist. What’s more, there’s a colorblind mode for free. This shows the game’s commitment to being inclusive.

Updates and New Levels

Regular mobile game updates keep things interesting. They add new levels in mobile games often. Features like the Daily Quests offer perks and new challenges, keeping players hooked. After level 135, introducing blank dots increased the game’s complexity.

But, some players don’t like the pop-ups and mini-games that break the flow. However, the developers are always working to make Two Dots better. They regularly make enhancements and updates. This shows their ongoing commitment to the game, standing tall in the puzzle mobile games world.

Sneaky Sasquatch: Fun for All Ages

Sneaky Sasquatch has won the hearts of many. It’s loved by kids, parents, and grandparents for its fun stealth adventures. Named the Apple Arcade Game of the Year, RAC7 Games has celebrated success with this title. It first became available on January 23, 2024, and the recent update to version 1.9.11 has brought a lot more fun.

Apple Arcade family games have one standout – Sneaky Sasquatch. This exciting mobile adventure features a playful Sasquatch. The game keeps getting better with each update, making it a top choice for anyone who lovesSASquatch and adventure.

This game is not just for kids; it’s for everyone. You can now work at a hospital saving lives or drive an ambulance. These new activities make the game feel alive. They let you explore a broader range of fun things to do.

  • Fishing at the lake
  • Competing in battle royale snowball fight events
  • Undergoing a driving test to obtain a driver’s license
  • Playing virtual arcade games like ‘Parking Master’ and ‘Arcade Simulator’
  • Running an election campaign for mayor
  • Shopping for furniture and having it shipped directly to your house

Recently, new music, the chance to protect Sasquatch from getting hurt, two secret vehicles, and other surprises have been added. These features make the game more engaging. They add layers of fun and excitement to the Apple Arcade family game.

If you like fun on your phone, you’ll enjoy Sneaky Sasquatch. It always has something new waiting for you with its regular updates. You can be sure your family and data are safe with this game. It’s a top choice among the many SASquatch mobile adventures.

Release DateJanuary 23, 2024
DeveloperRAC7 Games
New Additions
  • Hospital work as a doctor
  • Ambulance driving as a paramedic
  • New music tracks
  • New secret vehicles

Playing with friends is a big part of the game. By using favorite controllers, you can have even more fun. You can challenge your friends and see who’s on top. This game is loved for its fresh gameplay, regular updates, and being fun for everyone, making it a top choice in the Apple Arcade’s family games selection.

Honkai: Star Rail – A Sci-Fi Adventure

Honkai: Star Rail is leading the way in sci-fi gaming on mobile. It mixes a turn-based RPG style with an exciting universe. This game, created by HoYoverse, makers of Genshin Impact, takes you on a journey among the stars. It has amazing graphics and seamless gameplay that works well on any platform.

Game Innovations

In Honkai: Star Rail, you can visit unique worlds. There’s a space station with mysteries, a cold planet, and a starship fighting evil. The combat is both easy to understand and full of strategy, with many techniques and abilities to master. You’ll also find over 100 different special items to collect, making your journey exciting and challenging.

Cross-Platform Play

One big thing about Honkai: Star Rail is you can play it on different devices and keep your progress. This fits in with the trend of modern games being flexible and easy to pick up. With voices in four languages, the story feels real, letting players dive deep into the game world.


In 2024, mobile gaming offers a wide range of experiences. Globally, over 300 billion apps were downloaded in 2023. More than half of these were games, showing a big increase in the love for mobile gaming. In the U.S., games are making more money than any other app type. This is thanks to strong streaming and subscription models.

Top games in 2024 cover many genres. Monopoly Go! and Roblox are big on Android, while iOS users love games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga. Even though more apps are downloaded on Android, iOS earns more money from in-app purchases. This shows Apple’s devices are attractive to game developers.

Games are still the most downloaded apps worldwide, proving their popularity. The top titles, like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush Saga, are loved on both iOS and Android. This cross-platform success is clear. Certain games, such as Genshin Impact and Raid: Shadow Legends, have loyal fans who keep them popular and make a lot of money for the industry.

The best games of 2024 mix new ideas with deep gameplay and keep people engaged. Developers listen to players and use new technology to make mobile gaming better. These hit games show what’s great about mobile gaming now and hint at what’s to come. They are leading the way for more growth and creativity in the industry.


What are the top mobile games of 2024?

The top mobile games of 2024 are Krispee Street, Gubbins, Honkai: Star Rail, Monopoly Go!, Laya’s Horizon, Bad North: Jotunn Edition, Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!, Two Dots, and Sneaky Sasquatch. These games are loved for their new gameplay, easy to play, and liked by many people.

What makes Krispee Street a favorite hidden object game?

Krispee Street is a top hidden object game with a fun and bright art style from a webcomic. It’s on iOS thanks to Apple Arcade, offering a deep, relaxing way to play.

How does Gubbins differ from other word games?

Gubbins mixes classic word game play with fun creatures to bring something new. It stands out with its bright looks and deep strategy. Fans enjoy its approach to word puzzles.

What features does Monopoly Go! offer for multiplayer gaming?

Monopoly Go! updates the classic game with new features for playing with others. It’s on both Android and iOS for games with friends and family. It follows the trend of playing together.

Why is Laya’s Horizon considered a soothing open-world mobile game?

Laya’s Horizon offers a calm, open world with beautiful views and fun flying mechanics. It comes from the makers of Alto’s Adventure, perfect for unwinding.

What strategic elements set Bad North: Jotunn Edition apart in tower defense games?

Bad North: Jotunn Edition changes tower defense with roguelike twists and real-time strategy. Players create their defenses in ever-changing battles, keeping every game unique.

What makes Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! a unique mobile solitaire game?

Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! blends solitaire with horse racing in a fun way. Made by Game Freak, it has quick, exciting play and cute 3D horses. It’s found on Apple Arcade.

What are some of the most downloaded mobile games in early 2024?

Early in 2024, Monopoly Go! and Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle were very popular. They represent the big interest and variety in top mobile games, showing many gamers are enjoying them.

How does Two Dots maintain player interest?

Two Dots updates with new levels to keep players interested, bringing fresh challenges and objectives. With hidden object levels and constant updates, it stays well-liked in the puzzle genre.

Why is Sneaky Sasquatch popular among family games on Apple Arcade?

Sneaky Sasquatch is loved by all ages for its cute, sneaky adventures. The game world is big, and new content often arrives, making it a top choice for families on Apple Arcade.

What innovative features does Honkai: Star Rail offer in the sci-fi RPG genre?

Honkai: Star Rail by Hoyoverse has amazing graphics and smooth RPG gameplay. It spreads well from mobile to PC, allowing continuous gaming across devices.
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