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Welcome to the heartbeat of Top Mobile Gamer, your trusted source for the latest in mobile gaming. Dive into our journey, discover our mission, and meet the passionate team behind your favorite gaming news and reviews. Here, we share our story of how we became a leading voice in the mobile gaming industry and our vision for connecting gamers around the world. Explore our milestones, learn about our values, and see how we celebrate the gaming culture every day. Join us as we continue to innovate and entertain in the realm of mobile gaming.

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Meet our professional team About Us

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind “Top Mobile Gamer.” Our team combines passion for gaming with expertise in technology.

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Forhad Khan

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Tech enthusiast and veteran gamer, Forhad crafts expert game guides and reviews at “Tech Game Guides.” With over five years in the gaming scene, he simplifies complex strategies into practical tips for gamers at every level.

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Nahid Hasan


Expert in game and tech comparisons, Nahid provides detailed evaluations to help gamers make informed choices. At “Tech Game Guides,” he merges analytical skills with real-world testing to offer clear, actionable insights.


Frequently asked questions

What are the best mobile games for beginners?
For beginners, games like “Candy Crush,” “Clash Royale,” and “Among Us” offer easy-to-learn mechanics and are a great starting point.