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Top Best RPG Mobile Games to Play in Nowadays

Heading into 2024, mobile RPGs are leading the way. They offer big worlds, deep stories, and characters that feel real. Players will dive into vast lands, epic quests, and must figure out complex systems. This top list includes both new mobile games and old favorites. You’ll find games like “Legend of Mushroom” and “Cat Quest 2” along with hits like “Genshin Impact.” Each game is chosen for its great gameplay and plenty of content.

The world of mobile gaming is getting better all the time. Game makers are creating experiences that are as good as console or PC games. This list is a guide for anyone looking for the best RPGs in 2024. For more details, check out mobile gaming reviews for expert opinions and tips.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 15 top RPG mobile games are highlighted, offering diverse experiences.
  • Engage in collaborative adventures with games like “Cat Quest 2.”
  • “Raid: Shadow Legends” and “Epic Seven” cater to fans of collectible and turn-based RPGs.
  • Explore vast, open worlds with “Genshin Impact” and enjoy character collection.
  • Classic RPGs like “Final Fantasy VII” have been optimized for mobile play, enhancing accessibility and enjoyment.

Legend of Mushroom: A Casual Delight

“Legend of Mushroom” shines as one of the recommended RPG games for anyone after casual mobile games. It offers many character classes, but the Mage stands out. It’s both popular and powerful. As you play this idle adventure game, you learn to battle smartly. This ensures you move ahead smoothly through the game’s mix of tricky and fun challenges.

“Legend of Mushroom” has a cool feature called a tier list. This list suggests the best ways to level up your mushrooms. It lets players wisely choose how to use their resources. Plus, you can recruit different comrades to your team. This adds a layer of skill, helping you put together a strong group for your adventures.

The game uses fitting visuals for its style and idle play method, making it more enjoyable. It has won praise in mobile gaming reviews. This is because it stands out with its building and managing elements. “Legend of Mushroom” is not just easy to get into. It also surprises players with new twists, keeping the fun going strong.

Cat Quest 2: Co-Op Adventures

best rpg mobile games

“Cat Quest 2: Co-Op Adventures” is a top choice for RPG fans. It’s designed for multiplayer fun on mobile. This title stands out with its co-op play. Friends can explore a cat world together, full of puns and beautiful art.

Play with Friends

In “Cat Quest 2,” teaming up is easy and fun. Players can fight monsters, tackle puzzles, and explore in real-time with friends. This feature boosts the fun by promoting teamwork. It turns mobile gaming into a shared adventure.

Charming Art Style and Puns

The game’s art style is enchanting and suitable for all ages. Every quest is full of clever puns, adding to the joy. It strikes a perfect balance, mixing humor with solid gameplay. This makes “Cat Quest 2” a gem in RPGs.

AudienceChildren, Teens, Adults: 33.33% each
PC RequirementsPotato-friendly to NASA-spec: 16.67% each
Game TimeVaries from “Blink, and it’s over” to “To infinity and beyond”: 16.67% each
PriceFrom “Free” to “Save your pennies for a better quest”: 16.67% each
BugsRanges from “Never heard of” to “The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs”: 16.67% each
Design and MechanicsFrom “Well-designed” to “Broken and poorly designed”: 16.67% each
Ratings1 to 10: 6.67% each

Statistics consistently rate “Cat Quest 2” highly. 93% of recent reviews and 95% overall reviews are positive. This game’s mix of multiplayer fun and beautiful design keeps it popular among RPG gamers.

Raid: Shadow Legends: Epic Collectible Battles

RAID: Shadow Legends is known for its array of over 300 characters. These characters come from 16 factions, like Barbarians and Elves. Each has its own special skills and attributes.

It has a deep PVE campaign with 12 locations, each having seven stages, and three difficulty levels. This game offers an immersive, dark fantasy story with full voice acting. There are also PvP battles to win special gear and rank up for more rare items.

Strategy is key in RAID: Shadow Legends. Players must train their Champions with the right skills and abilities. They must be ready for arena battles, dungeon runs, and missions.

The game includes a Clan feature. Here, players can team up with friends, earn bonuses, and fight epic bosses. This part of the game enhances teamwork, making the app stand out in the gaming world.

The game is available in many languages, reaching a wide global audience. Plarium’s creation offers top-notch graphics and strategic gameplay. It truly sets new standards for mobile games.

RAID: Shadow Legends doesn’t just promise epic battles; it delivers a thrilling, strategic experience too. For those looking for the best in mobile gaming, it’s a standout choice.

Epic Seven: Turn-Based Strategy

“Epic Seven” brings players into a turn-based mobile game world filled with detailed mechanics and stunning anime art. With more than 10 million players, it’s a top choice in mobile apps.

Strategic Gameplay

The game is about creating teams of heroes that are very strategic. Every hero has different skills for the battle. Players face tough challenges in the PvP Arena, Guild Wars, and against the World Boss. Getting a 5* hero in the game is rare, only a 1.25% chance. This shows how important smart strategy and planning are to make your team strong.

Beautiful Anime Art Style

Epic Seven‘s big draw is its stunning anime art. It makes the game’s story and characters stand out. The art and story are woven together well. This makes the game a favorite among players. Plus, Smilegate is going to add new content every year, like 10 new chapters. This means the game will keep getting better over time.

Genshin Impact: Open World JRPG

open-world mobile gaming

“Genshin Impact” has set a high bar for open-world mobile games. It mixes the vast exploration of Breath of the Wild with deep JRPG features. This hit game lets players dive into a beautifully detailed anime world. Here, they can enjoy quests, collect characters, and engage in strategic fights.

In Genshin Impact, you can make your own unique team. It uses a gacha system familiar to many JRPGs. This means you get characters with special skills and elements by playing or buying in-game. Because of this, every player’s journey feels personal and full of strategic choices.

Players are welcomed to vast, diverse lands full of secrets and tough foes. The world is brought to life with stunning anime graphics. These visuals truly draw players into the game.

Guides and tier lists are key in Genshin Impact. They help players make the best teams, understand the game, and conquer challenges. With these resources, Genshin Impact becomes easier to enjoy and master.

Average Playtime100+ hours for comprehensive engagement
Character CollectionDiverse characters with unique abilities
Anime Art StyleCaptivating visuals and animated cutscenes
Guides and Tier ListsExtensive tools for optimizing gameplay

Genshin Impact’s deep design redefines mobile anime games. It’s not surprising that top developers consider it a standout in JRPG mobile games. The game offers a thrilling ride through its main story, side activities, and dungeons. For players, it means a rich, ever-engaging gaming world.

Monster Hunter Stories: Unique Monster Collection

monster collection games

“Monster Hunter Stories” turns the RPG world upside down. It mixes traditional RPG play with collecting monsters and egg hatching. As you journey, you find eggs that turn into mighty allies. The game is known for fun fights and cute monsters, making it a must-play for RPG fans.

Egg Hatching Mechanics

“Monster Hunter Stories” shines with its egg hatching feature. Players snag and nurture over 100 creatures, each with its own skills. Crafting is simplified, needing a set amount of materials. This helps new players get into the game quickly.

Turn-based Combat

The game’s combat mixes strategy with ease of play. Each creature can learn various skills, letting you fine-tune your strategy. If you fail a battle, you get three chances to try again. The game also has tough post-game quests, adding to the fun for serious gamers.

  • Collect, raise, and customize over 100 different monsters.
  • Combat system features nine customizable gene slots for Monsties.
  • Simplified crafting system requiring a specific number of materials.
  • Forgiving death system with minimal consequences.
  • Endgame challenges, including the Tower of Illusion and Labyrinth of Ordeals.

“Monster Hunter Stories” is a gem. It combines deep monster collection with fun combat, making it a hit on mobile.

Final Fantasy VII: Classic RPG Experience

iconic mobile rpgs

The legendary Final Fantasy VII stands out as a symbol in classic RPGs. It pulls players in with an unforgettable story and thrilling turn-based fights. Initially released in 1997, this year marks its 25th anniversary. Now, it’s available on mobile devices, bringing a polished adventure to old and new fans alike.

For Android 8.0 and up, Final Fantasy VII needs at least 4GB RAM. It also runs on devices with ARM v8a 64bit SoC processors like Snapdragon 845. While some doubted its visuals, gamers loved the experience. Even years later, a player who got it in 2004, next to Final Fantasy Anthology, still praises it.

The period when Final Fantasy VII was born is also seen as one of Square’s best eras. They had earlier hits like Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger. This title stirred a lot of talks and friendly fights, much like those about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time later on.

A key perk of the Final Fantasy mobile games is meeting today’s player needs. For example, you can turn off random fights. Many, like our reviewer, consider the Final Fantasy VII Remake in their top 5. This update also made players rethink the original’s brilliance.

The desire for a remastered edition, with better character looks and translations, is strong among fans. Despite a few flaws, Final Fantasy VII remains a top pick in the JRPG field. It proudly stands as one of the best popular mobile rpgs.

Release Year1997 (25th anniversary in 2022)
Platform RequirementsAndroid 8.0 or later, 4GB RAM, ARM v8a 64bit SoC processors (Snapdragon 845 or newer)
Gameplay FeaturesTurn-based combat, disable random encounters
Development EraSquare’s golden years (Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger)

Wrapping up, Final Fantasy VII still shines as a top choice in iconic mobile rpgs. It offers a true and classic RPG adventure that remains loved over time.

best rpg mobile games

The RPG world is full of adventures, magic, and fights. These role-playing games are the best on mobile. They bring top-rated games right to your fingertips for any kind of player.

Top Role-Playing Adventures

Fans will see that half of the RPGs here are turn-based. Turns are used a lot for strategy. Epic Seven uses a unique system. Players get characters randomly.

Only 15% of RPG games have multiplayer. But when they do, they make players connect. Take Raid: Shadow Legends for example. It’s on both PC and mobile. This lets players choose where and how to play.

Highly-Rated Gaming Experience

Stardew Valley changes things up by adding farming. Exiled Kingdoms offers over 100 hours of stories. Together, they show how mobile RPGs keep expanding.

These RPGs aren’t just any games. They are the top mobile games with deep stories and big dreams. Visit mobile gaming reviews to find your perfect match.

Another Eden: Masterpiece of Narrative

“Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space” became a hit in 2019. It touches the hearts of those fond of classic JRPGs from the PlayStation 1 days. With Masato Kato leading, this mobile game provides an immersive, story-rich JRPG experience. This is complemented by its engaging 2D visuals.

The game shows off its top-notch quality through collaborations with industry leaders. Well-known composers like Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Mariam Abounnasr, and Yasunori Mitsuda joined hands. They created a stunning soundtrack that draws players in. Players can enjoy many activities like making weapons, training characters, and a unique cat collection quest.

Noteworthy is Another Eden’s combat system. It lets you build a party of six characters. This leads to strategic battles, and you can swap characters in and out easily. Each character has a special skill that can help in battle. And the Gacha system offers a wide selection of characters to collect, making the game more enjoyable for everyone.

The depth of the game’s story is unparalleled. It’s extended through ongoing collaborations and side quests. These ensure there’s always more to explore, even after a break. Plus, players can meet special collaboration characters from series like Persona 5 and Tales through quests. This aspect, along with its free-to-play model, marks it as a standout RPG.

Year Initial Release in Japan2017
Number of Characters in the Game30
Game StructureOne-player adventures focused on story and character development
AvailabilityDownloadable without geographical restrictions through the APK file
Development TeamInvolvement of emblematic figures from Square Enix
Language SupportTexts and voices translated into English

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition: A Classic Reborn

Beamdog brings a new spark to the classic RPG with “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.” It offers an enhanced mobile gaming experience for today’s devices. Initially launched for Microsoft Windows in 2012, it’s now available for iPad, OS X, Android, Linux, and even consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Updated UI and Visuals

The game’s updated UI for mobile RPGs fits perfectly with iPads and Android devices. It uses multi-touch for zooming and screen swiping. The interface is great, but sometimes there’s a small issue with controlling your character. Still, the UI updates make playing on mobile devices an enjoyable experience.

New Content and Features

In its Enhanced Edition, Baldur’s Gate gets lots of new features in RPGs. Now, players from different devices can play together. Four new characters join the game, each bringing their own stories and special meanings. This all adds to the game’s rich world and makes playing again and again fun.

New CharactersEach with unique dialogue and adventures.
Class KitsIncludes Dwarven Defender, Shadowdancer, and more.
Difficulty ModesStory Mode and Legacy of Bhaal.
Cross-Platform MultiplayerPlayers can join on different platforms.
Auto-Update FunctionProvides further modifications based on user suggestions.

The classic RPGs revitalized experience captures its original magic. With open-world exploration and rich character interaction, it feels timeless. The Enhanced Edition adds new heroes and a mini-adventure, keeping it fresh. That’s why RPG fans still love it after all these years.

The Banner Saga: Tactical RPG

The Banner Saga pulls you into a dark, Viking world. It stands out as one of the best tactical RPG games on mobile. With more than 25 unique characters and 7 classes, it offers a thrilling RPG adventure.

The Banner Saga is famous for its thoughtful, turn-based fights. Every decision you make affects the story and the game. In fights, you must think carefully because your units have Armor and Strength scores. This makes battles challenging and fun.

In The Banner Saga, the way you build your team and fight is unique. You can make your units stronger with Renown points. But remember, using Renown points wisely is key. It costs 10 points to move a character from level 2 to level 3.

  • Dialog choices can lead to the sudden death of characters.
  • Turn-based combat on gridded maps.
  • Varl fighters: powerful but slow
  • Human characters: agile and versatile
  • Willpower stat allows heroes to push beyond limits.

The Banner Saga has won many awards, like the Geekie Award and the Indie Games Festival. It’s got a strong 3.8 score from 7.84K reviews and an 80 on Metacritic. But on mobile, it has some issues, such as long loading times and a big file size. Yet, its deep tactical RPG gameplay stands out, rewarding thoughtful play over brute strength.

The game’s music, by Austin Wintory, adds a lot to the experience. It goes well with the stunning visuals. Core game ideas are easy to grasp, but some details, like supplies and morale, might be unclear at first. This pushes players to think and adapt, making each decision meaningful.

Playtime10-12 hours
Rating3.8 (7.84K reviews)
Metacritic Score80
Price< $5
CurrencyRenown points

Overall, The Banner Saga is a top-tier strategy RPG. It mixes deep combat with a rich story. This keeps players engaged and challenged throughout the game.


As we close our look at the top RPG mobile games for 2024, it’s clear this year will offer great games. Games like Epic Seven stand out with deep strategy and exciting challenges. Genshin Impact brings a vast open world and fun combat with friends.

Raid: Shadow Legends offers a big range of heroes and play styles. Honkai Star Rail wows us with its amazing voice work. Then, Summoners War: Sky Arena shines brightly with its charming style. Final Fantasy VII also keeps fans happy with its rich story and customization.

New games like Diablo Immortal and Cookie Run: Kingdom are also making waves. They’ve won hearts with fresh takes on RPGs. For those who love strategy, The Banner Saga stands out. It lets players shape the story. Fire Emblem Heroes offers over 700 tales, keeping players hooked. All these games show how far mobile RPGs have come, setting a high bar for the best games in the genre.


What are some of the best mobile game apps for RPG lovers?

For fans of RPGs, top mobile games include “Genshin Impact” and “Epic Seven.” Also, “Raid: Shadow Legends,” “Final Fantasy VII,” “Cat Quest 2,” and “Another Eden” are favorites.

Which mobile RPG offers the best co-op play experience?

“Cat Quest 2” lets friends join forces in an enchanting world. It’s highly recommended for its co-op adventures.

What makes “Legend of Mushroom” a standout casual RPG?

This game shines by mixing cute characters and pets with relaxed idle gameplay. It’s easy to get into and perfect for leisurely playing.

Are there any mobile RPGs with compelling narrative-driven experiences?

Certainly, “Another Eden” stands out with its deep story and stunning visuals. “The Banner Saga” is also notable for its story that changes with player choices.

What RPG mobile game features strategic turn-based gameplay?

“Epic Seven” is known for its blend of strategy and turn-based fights. It combines a beautiful anime style with deep mechanics.

Which RPG for mobile platforms has the best anime art style?

Both “Epic Seven” and “Genshin Impact” are praised for their gorgeous anime visuals. Their art enhances the games’ stories.

What makes “Raid: Shadow Legends” a highly-rated mobile game?

“Raid: Shadow Legends” shines with stunning graphics and deep strategy. It offers a vast range of heroes to collect and plays across different platforms.

Which mobile RPG offers a blend of monster collection and turn-based combat?

“Monster Hunter Stories” mixes collecting monsters with turn-based battles. It includes unique egg hatching features for a new RPG experience.

Is “Final Fantasy VII” a good choice for classic RPG fans?

For classic RPG fans, “Final Fantasy VII” is a must-play. It brings its legendary story and turn-based fights to modern mobile devices.

What are the top-rated mobile games for RPG fans?

Standout mobile RPGs for fans include “Genshin Impact” and “Epic Seven.” Plus, “Raid: Shadow Legends,” “Another Eden,” and “The Banner Saga” are highly recommended for immersive adventures.

What enhancements does the “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” offer?

The enhanced edition of “Baldur’s Gate” brings a fresh look and new features. It’s a modern upgrade of a timeless RPG for today’s gamers.

What are the best tactical RPGs available on mobile?

The “The Banner Saga” series stands out for tactical RPG fans on mobile. It offers deep strategy and a story shaped by player decisions.
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