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Top Best Mobile Strategy Games for On-the-Go Fun

Mobile technology keeps getting better, letting gamers play detailed strategy games on their phones. Titles like Company of Heroes and Bad North offer deep or minimalistic strategies. This enriches what handheld gaming can do.

Games like Plague Inc. and Rebel Inc. started on PC but now thrive on mobile. This proves that deep gameplay can work well on smaller screens. Popular mobile strategy games maintain the high quality of their PC versions.

This list features some of the best mobile strategy games. They offer fun and engaging content that’s perfect for playing anywhere.

Key Takeaways

  • Raid: Shadow Legends combines RPG and strategy, presenting challenging gameplay.
  • Call of War: World War II offers long-term strategic multiplayer gameplay based on historical events.
  • Conflict of Nations: World War III immerses players in real-time strategy with a modern warfare twist.
  • Mafia City delivers a unique crime empire management experience with cooperative elements.
  • Forge of Empires blends civilization-building with turn-based combat over historical eras.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends stands as a top-tier mobile strategy game. In this RPG, players are drawn into creating powerful hero teams. They face various challenges by using heroes with different skills. Success comes from clever planning and effective hero synergy.

Game Mechanics and Strategy

Raid: Shadow Legends is known for its deep and intricate game design. Players need to carefully choose and upgrade heroes. This preparation is essential for winning battles. The game stands out by requiring smart decision-making in fights, making it among the best strategy games for smartphones.

Why It’s a Must-Play

This game is a pinnacle in mobile strategy gaming. It combines complex gameplay with strategic RPG elements on mobile platforms. For gamers who love in-depth strategies, Raid: Shadow Legends is a top choice. It offers a rewarding challenge for those with a strategic mindset.

Call of War: World War II

Call of War: World War II puts players in the shoes of commanders during a crucial time in history. It’s a mobile strategy game that lets you guide a nation through the challenges of the war. This game is known for its realistic and accurate take on World War II, making it one of the best strategy games for phones.

Historical Context and Gameplay

In Call of War, you get to explore a tech tree with over 120 units to use. Being able to customize and plan strategies is a key part of the game. With up to 100 players in a game map, decisions in military, economic, and tech areas really matter. The variety of units in the game’s tech tree makes it a standout choice among mobile strategy games.

Multiplayer Aspects

Call of War offers a unique multiplayer experience. You play with other real people who act as leaders of their own countries. It works across different devices like phones, tablets, and computers, enhancing its appeal further. With a high rating based on over 139,000 reviews, it is clearly loved as a top choice for mobile strategy gaming.

It has become even better with updates that have fixed old issues. There was a fix for an issue involving army movement in combat. These changes, alongside great user and critic feedback, reaffirm the game’s status as a standout strategy game.

This game is designed for long term play, with features like forming alliances and making tactical decisions in real time. This keeps players coming back. Such design aspects are why Call of War holds a top position in mobile strategy gaming.

Conflict of Nations: World War III

popular mobile strategy games

Conflict of Nations: World War III throws players into a what-if world war. Every choice matters, shaping the future of nations. By leading different countries, you’ll dive into deep strategy and understand the game’s complexity. It’s a thrilling battle of wits, where you must plan for the long haul, outthinking your foes while fighting on multiple fronts.

Hypothetical Scenarios

The game offers wild military and diplomatic stories to explore. Island nations start by building three corvettes to control the seas early on. Players can use submarines to strike airfields, a key move. And they can mix in recon units, which are great for both defense and offense. Later in the game, stronger infantry and sabotage units help dominate, by taking out enemy airfields and disrupting their plans.

Real-Time Strategy Elements

The real-time strategy aspect is a key part of the game’s success. Having powerful submarines ensures you rule the oceans. Carriers bring a mix of planes, with some being special, to attack from anywhere. You can cut off enemies by sea, take out their airfields, and win cities with special forces, taking them out step by step.

A table lays out the game’s core strategies and features:

Strategic ElementDetails
Building 3 CorvettesSecure early-game naval dominance for island nations.
Strike Packages for National GuardEnhance unit effectiveness in diverse combat scenarios.
Recon UnitsEffective for defense and pushing offensives.
Maxed Out InfantryTen mortar range for superior late-game performance.
Ballistic SubmarinesRepeatedly strike airfields to control the battlefield.
Sabotage UnitsDestroy enemy airfields instantly.
Attack SubmarinesDominate the seas with maxed out models.
Carriers and Strike AircraftFlexible and powerful mobile offensive platforms.
Landlocking and Disable StrategyUtilize navy, disable airfields, and capture cities with special forces.

Dealing with many players at once is tough but thrilling. It’s key to keep your morale high even in tough times. Upgrading your industry helps your economy stay strong. With so many players and unit options, Conflict of Nations: World War III stands strong among mobile strategy games.

Mafia City

In 2017, Yotta Games introduced Mafia City. It dives players into the criminal world. Here, players build and grow their criminal empires. This comes from the makers of Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. It’s on both Android and iOS, featuring stunning 2D art.

This game is free to play but includes in-game purchases. However, some players find it tough without spending more money later on. It has over 50 million downloads and rates 3.9 stars on Google Play. On the iTunes App Store, it’s scored a high 4.8 stars from over 110k ratings, making it a standout.

The game is all about managing time well and fighting for control of turf. Players must train and assemble their teams with different units. These include tough guys, shooters, bikers, and vehicles. You can join forces with others, meet partners, and lead your crew. Events celebrating different cultures and advanced tech trees keep the game fresh.

At first, the game faced mixed reviews despite a strong marketing push. Yet, it now stands at a 4.5-star rating from 1.3 million reviews. Fans like its long gameplay lifetime, tough missions, and interesting gameplay. Some even play it every day.

Google Play3.9 stars700k+50 million+
iTunes App Store4.8 stars110k+Not Available

Some key highlights of the game include turf wars in real-time, tech advancements, and new leader appearances. Players seek to climb the mafia ranks and become the Godfather. To do this, they rob banks, grow their car collection, and form alliances. The game updates regularly and offers strong community support via Facebook, Line, email, and WhatsApp.

Its mix of working together and competing makes Mafia City a leading choice for strategic smartphone gaming. If you love strategy games and mobile gaming, it’s a game you should check out.

Forge of Empires

highest rated mobile strategy games

Forge of Empires is a standout title in mobile strategy gaming. It offers players the chance to create a civilization from the ground up. You get to grow your city through the ages and engage in strategic, turn-based wars. This blend makes the game deeply engaging and unique.

Dual Strategy Gameplay

Forge of Empires merges city-building with strategic battles. As you build your city, you must also lead it into war against others. This mix of gameplay types brings complexity and thrill, making the game top-rated.

Historical Evolution and Civilizations

The game starts in the Stone Age and lets players lead their city through history. You can go from medieval times to the modern era and beyond. This journey is filled with historical detail and offers endless paths for your city’s growth.

Players will build castles, rule modern cities, and command troops from different times. Forge of Empires’ dynamic play and historical accuracy have earned it a top spot among mobile strategy games.

Game TitleKey FeaturesGenre
Forge of EmpiresDual-layered strategy gameplay, historical evolutionStrategy
Plague Inc.Relatable to PC games, innovative gameplaySimulation, Strategy
Call of War: World War IILong-lasting, real-time multiplayer, historical contextStrategy
Mafia CityUnique strategic perspective, crime lord roleStrategy
Bad NorthMinimal design, risk vs. reward mechanic, strategic depthStrategy

Games like Forge of Empires bring PC-level depth to mobile gaming. This makes them perfect for anyone wanting deep strategy on the move. For more top-rated mobile strategy games, check out this list.

Rise of Cultures

popular mobile strategy games

Rise of Cultures, developed by InnoGames, combines empire building with detailed cultural development. Players get to create civilizations that match their strategic style. They manage workers’ schedules and decide where to build different structures. This adds a layer of depth to the game.

It’s a top strategy game for phones. Rise of Cultures lets players see history progress while creating unique cultures. The game mixes simulation and strategy, offering a rich and engaging experience for its fans.

Key FeaturesDetails
Gameplay FocusEmpire Building & Culture Development
Unique ElementsWorker Schedule Management & Strategic Building Placement
GenreSimulation & Strategy
AudienceFans of Historical Simulation and Strategic Planning

Rise of Cultures is a favorite for players looking for depth and strategy in mobile games. It shines in community growth and well-being. This sets it apart from the usual city-building and civilization games.

Company of Heroes

top mobile strategy games

Feral Interactive beautifully brought Company of Heroes to mobile. It’s one of the top war strategy games now. Notably, the game’s screen shows a lot of HUD, which can get in the way. But, you can choose a more mobile-friendly way to control your troops, making it better.

Company of Heroes is smart, letting players pick how to download it. This is great if you have little phone space. But, some find it annoying to wait for parts of the game to download while playing. They often have to replay the first level because the second won’t load right. Also, the way you select troops isn’t always easy.

On Android, some say Company of Heroes isn’t as smooth as on a computer. The controls and how the game looks are a bit of a letdown. Still, it’s a hit among strategy game lovers on mobile. To know more, visit Wayward Strategy.

HUD Occupancy30% or more of the screen
Control OptionsMobile-centric command wheel or traditional RTS command card
Unit SelectionDouble-tap and drag selection box
Content DownloadAll at once or piecemeal
Loading IssuesFirst level replay necessity
UI and Control IssuesFiddly controls, clunky UI

Bad North

Bad North is a standout must-play mobile strategy game. It’s known for its simple yet very tactical design. Many people love it because it’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Simplicity in Design and Mechanics

What makes Bad North special is its simple look and game style. Players must place their troops to stop Viking attacks on small islands. Even if it looks simple, the need for quick decisions and smart moves sets it apart from other games. It’s not just any strategy game for mobiles.

Risk vs. Reward Gameplay

The game is all about choices and their outcomes. Every move matters, leading players to really think before acting. Losing a unit means something, making victories more rewarding. This gameplay makes Bad North shine among other top mobile strategy games.

Procedural Generation and Replayability

Bad North’s landscapes are made each time you start a game, making every game unique. This feature helps keep the game fun and new each time. Players have to adjust their tactics to the changing worlds. This makes Bad North a top choice for strategy gamers on mobile.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition$4.99
Kingdom Two Crowns$9.99
Iron Marines$2.99
Xenowerk TacticsFree to Play

Best Mobile Strategy Games

The mobile gaming world offers a variety of strategy games for all interests. Notable games include Plague Inc., Rebel Inc., Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, and Dominations. They show how deep and varied strategy games on mobile can be.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a strategy and simulation game. In it, you create and evolve a deadly pathogen to wipe out humanity. The game is a clever mix of real science and gameplay. Because of this, it’s one of the top-ranked strategy games for mobile.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. challenges players to stabilize a war-torn area and fight off rebels. It requires a careful mix of military and civil strategies. The decisions you make impact how the region grows. This mix of tactical and political gameplay has made it very popular.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is part of the famous Kingdom Rush series. It brings new tower defense challenges and mechanics. Some players are critical of its microtransactions. But, its real-time strategy and fun gameplay put it among the top mobile strategy games.


Dominations is inspired by games like Civilization and Clash of Clans. In this game, you guide your empire from ancient times to space. Its focus on history and strategy has won it high praise. It’s one of the best strategy games for mobile today.

These games are just a taste of the mobile strategy world. They bring unique ways to enjoy strategy play. Whether you’re simulating the end of the world, stabilizing war zones, or building empires, these games offer creativity and fun.


Mobile strategy games offer a wide array of gameplay, ensuring there’s something for everyone. They range from historical battles to future wars and even leading criminal organizations. This diversity means every strategist can find their perfect match.

For the gamers interested in war on a grand scale, titles like Call of War: World War II are perfect. These games need deep thought and quick decisions over a long period. If you prefer running a crime syndicate, Mafia City could be your choice. It involves expanding your influence through deals and training your units.

There are also games that focus on building empires, like Forge of Empires. Rise of Cultures offers a similar experience with a different theme. If you love World War II settings, Company of Heroes skillfully brings it to mobile. For those who enjoy minimalist designs, Bad North mixes this with tactical choices. Lastly, simulation games like Plague Inc. dive into complex scenarios, adding profound strategy.

The finest mobile strategy games combine fun mechanics, deep gameplay, and compelling stories. You can pick a game with simple mechanics, such as Battle of Polytopia, or dive into the complexity of XCOM: Enemy Within. This carefully selected list ensures there’s a top game for every strategy enthusiast.


What are some of the best mobile strategy games available today?

Some of the top mobile strategy games you can play are:Raid: Shadow LegendsCall of War: World War IIConflict of Nations: World War IIIMafia CityForge of EmpiresRise of CulturesCompany of HeroesBad NorthThese games bring many strategic challenges, from historical wars to building empires.

Why is Raid: Shadow Legends considered a top mobile strategy game?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a leading strategy game because it dives deep into RPG tactics. In the game, you collect mighty heroes, each with unique skills, to face tough tasks. The game’s deep strategy, hero choices, and battle tactics make it special.

What sets Call of War: World War II apart from other mobile strategy games?

Call of War: World War II is unique because it’s set during WWII and has real-time online play. In it, you lead a nation, growing it militarily, economically, and technologically. The game’s monumental strategies and real-time action make it stand out.

How does Conflict of Nations: World War III engage players in strategic gameplay?

Conflict of Nations: World War III puts players in a future war that stretches over months. You run nations, make military moves, and advance research, all in real-time. This offers a diverse strategic pace, blending both fast and slow gameplay.

What makes Mafia City a popular mobile strategy game?

Mafia City’s draw is creating and expanding your criminal domain. You manage units, make alliances, and outwit your rivals in a lively online realm. It’s a mix of strategy, working together, and competition that makes it beloved.

Why is Forge of Empires highly rated among strategy games?

Forge of Empires wins praise for its mix of civilization and combat strategies. As a player, you grow your society through ages, also participating in turn-based wars. The game blends city-making and war tactics, spanning historical and fantasy elements.

What are the unique elements of Rise of Cultures?

Rise of Cultures stands out for its detailed civilization management and strategic building. It focuses on scheduling workers and placing structures cleverly to mold your culture. This combines history and strategy in a unique way.

How has Company of Heroes been adapted for mobile devices?

Mobile Company of Heroes, crafted by Feral Interactive, retains its original strategy richness. The move from mouse controls to touch is smooth, ensuring it’s just as engaging on mobile. It doesn’t lose the depth of its gameplay in the transition.

What are the highlights of Bad North’s strategy mechanics?

Bad North offers a clean, yet deeply strategic design. Players protect islands from Vikings, with big outcomes for their troops. The randomly created islands and the challenging choices make it a fresh, replay able experience.

What are some other top-rated mobile strategy games to consider?

Some other top strategy games for mobile are Plague Inc., Rebel Inc., Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, and Dominations. They present various strategic challenges, from stopping global diseases to tower defense. They are top picks for strategy fans.
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